March 26, 2019


It’s amazing what can fall into place when you just trust that Jesus has your best interest and His mission at heart.

Enter, Masa Kathryn. Masa and I met when I was in college. She shot me a couple of times for a local boutique and we became such fast friends… Constantly finding more and more things that we had in common. And less than a year ago, just when I was looking for a mentor, she was looking for an apprentice.

Working with and getting to know this lady has not only helped shape my knowledge of wedding photography, but also the importance of family, how to juggle work/mom life, which Madewell jeans are the best for wedding photographers and so much more…

Masa, you are a light for Jesus, an encourager to everyone you meet, such a talented photographer and teacher, amazing mother and wife, style inspiration and so much more. Can we all be more like you when we grow up?

So here’s to many more beautiful weddings, hotel stays and Chick-Fil-A runs together. You. Are. My. GIRL!


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